Metal Seat Forging Floating Ball Valve

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Metal to metal floating ball valve design has been employed perfectly for the ball and seat, which has also adopted the advanced hardening technologies. Surface hardness of the ball and seat may generally reach more than HRC60, maximum is up to HRC74. Besides, the surface materials posses also very good resistance properties of friction and impact. Metal to metal seated ball valves are suitable for use in most criticle working conditions.
Fireproof Structure,Flexible Valve Opening and Closing,Advanced Ball and Seat Hardening Technology,Reliable Sealing Performance,Full bore or reduce bore.

Construction Features:
Process through special techniques, the valve body and seat are especially applicable for high-temperatures and the medium containing dusts and solid particles.
1. The specially-designed compensatory movable valve selt construction made from metal is of great reliability in its sealing performance.
2. The ball valve series should be applied in accordance to the specifide flow direction.
3. Multiple driving devices could be prepared for the series.