Company Profile

Carilo is one of the biggest valve manufacturers in China, with the workshop located in the valve home town—-Oubei industrial zone, Wenzhou City. Carilo has been an export-oriented manufacturer from the very beginning.
Manufacturing Range: Ball Valve\Gate Valve\Globe Valve\Check Valve (NRV)\Butterfly Valve\Diaphagm Valve\Plug Valve\Forged Steel Valve\Needle Valve\Tailor Made Valve.
All above Valves can have either Flange End Connection or Screwed / Socket Weld / Butt Wld End as per ANSI 16.10 / ANSI 16.11/IS/BS/DIN/JIS standards.Material of construction is selected based on Pressure / Temperature limits and corrosion resistance. This will be as ASME/ANSI 16.34 standard.Testing is Carried out as per API/BS/DIN standard.
Carilo has the technology to manufacture metal seated, high pressure ball valves which can be applied in all kinds of severe environments and media. Its products have been widely used in offshore drilling equipment, petroleum industry, water treatment pipeline, anti-corrosion, anti- acid & alkali, anti-abrasive and self-lubrication, high-temperature power station valve, and dirt stuck prevention & inner anti corrosion valves used in well-head production and sea water injection & drain pipeline.
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